Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival Roundup

The Comedy Bar was rammed with jokesters last night for the Saturday segment of the 2010 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival (SketchFest). Hosted by Brendan Halloran and Gary Rideout Jr., it was a laugh-filled evening full of topical satire, partial nudity and hilarious singing. All of the troupes were awesome, but our top pick of the night was the all-girl troupe Punch in the Box. Check out our reviews below. The ratings are based on the laughs generated.


Newstradamus started the night out on a very funny foot. Bursting with energy, this nine-member troupe from Los Angeles covers everything from Armageddon to the Tea Party movement, celebrity breakups and pacts with the devil. We loved the mix of personalities and comedy styles.

Approximately 3 Peters

Peter Gal, Pete Hill and Ian MacIntyre of Approximately 3 Peters really nail the nerd comedy genre. Their skit about watching the entire box set of CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge had us rolling in the aisles. Other topics included video games (Call of Duty), the TTC, bad beards and ghosts.

Punch in the Box

Ashley Botting, Leslie Seiler and Karen Parker are three very funny femmes. Smart, sassy and provocative, they had the audience in stitches with skits about African Lion Safari, doctor/patient relationships, Facebook, Canadian television and the bridesmaid’s plight. We were waiting for someone to write a song about that (see video above)!

Ninja Sex Party

Danny Sexbang (vocals) and Ninja Brian (keyboard) of the New York-based Ninja Sex Party showed some skin in a sexy and surprising musical performance. Sexbang is charismatic and “seductive” in a silk kimono, white socks and old running shoes, while Brian is silent and intense in a mysterious ninja costume. The wacky duo teased the audience with their catchy electronic music, and Sexbang really shocked us when he stripped down to a tuxedo-style thong. It was the good kind of awkward.


The Toronto-based troupe Frenzy really lives up to their name. The five members, Steve Boleantu, Kevin Dowse, Marco Moltisanti, Freddie Rivas and Miguel Rivas move through sketches, costumes and props so fast it feels like your head might burst. Some of the material is a bit bizarre and random, but we enjoyed their creativity. We especially liked when they sang the DuckTales theme song in pantyhose with feather duster tails.

She Said What

Another amazing all-girl troupe, the sharp and sophisticated ladies in She Said What are absolutely hysterical. Their skits deal with all manner of subjects including Chinese aestheticians, counting sexual partners and stage Moms. We adore their bold, brash and candid style. These girls don’t hold anything back!

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